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Synth Riders // Yakima Jera + Scor Phalcon

Get ready for the SYNTH RIDERS! The beat kicks in at 8 PM, and we’ve got exciting things lined up – tasty drinks, awesome surprises, and a whole lot of energy. Our live band (Yakima Jera) is bringing the Wave vibes with a lively twist, and our DJ (Scor Phalcon) is dropping beats that’ll keep the party alive with some intense Synthwave. It’s all going down at Ludwigstraße 13, so come on over, and let’s turn this night into an unforgettable party!



Fascinated by the beauty of nature, the aesthetics of city darkness, the Bavarian Forest at night and the great emotions of people interactions, a cinematic music construct is built. A mélange of the joy of Joy Division, the poems of Patti Smith, the bleakness of Black Metal and the guitar sounds of 80s and 90s pop/punk influences the danceable dynamic sound of desire and reality.

Scor Phalcon

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25 - 26 Nov 2023


20:00 - 3:00
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